Watch a recent video by Arizona Public Media on improvements to the Paton Center since Tucson Audubon took over the Paton property three years ago.

Bird Calls Radio interview with Bonnie Paton Moon and caretaker, Larry Morgan about Paton’s Birder Haven and how it was “saved” with host Mardi Dickinson

Southern Arizona Jim talks about the book, Journey Home, and how Paton’s became world famous.

Birdwatcher’s Digest talks about Journey Home in Book Notes Section (March/April 2017 issue)

The Tucson Audubon Paton Center for Hummingbirds gets a makeover

Vogel Talks RVing Blog Post about Journey Home and the story of Paton’s Birder Haven

Watch a video of goings on at the Paton Center – Summer 2017


National Audubon Magazine writes about the “saving” of Paton’s Birder Haven

David Sibley’s painting of the bird that made Paton’s famous (Violet-crowned hummingbird) and his experience at Paton’s

Birding at Paton’s with Bob & Cynthia Kaufman

Patagonia Regional Times article about the “saving” of Paton’s Birder Haven

Victor Emanuel of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours talks about his part in “saving” Paton’s.

Paton’s is named #1 as best site for viewing hummingbirds in SE Arizona by Birds & Blooms

A fond farewell to George Fenwick, President of ABC and his wife Rita by birding greats.  Victor Emanuel of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours writes about  partnering with George Fenwick and American Bird Conservancy to “save” Paton’s Birder Haven – 2017.

George Fenwick, President of American Bird Conservancy talks about his role in “saving” Paton’s

Arizona’s Cat’s Eye – A Birdwatcher’s Haven Saved – a short video by Cathy Rosenberg

American Bird Conservancy Press Release regarding “saving” of Paton’s – 1000+ Birders Save Paton’s Birder Haven

Watch a short video on how Paton’s Birder came to be

Article from National Geographic about Paton’s Birder Haven – 2004

Short video of birding at Paton’s

Los Angeles Times Article about  Wally & Marion Paton and Paton’s Birder Haven – 1998

Nogales International Times article about the “saving” of Paton’s Birder Haven

Jonathan Lutz, Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center on-site manager, takes us on a tour of the improvements at the Paton Center – 2017

News from Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center for Hummingbirds

Planning a trip to Patagonia, Arizona. Here are some great places to visit, including the Paton Center for Hummingbirds